Tag Talks...The Future of AR

Augmented reality has found its way into our lives through apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat and as the technology matures, it's going to bring with it some exciting prospects for games and beyond. Here's our take on some of the possibilities.

Robert Henning - Head of Technology

Apple adding ARKit to iOS 11 could well be a game changer for AR.  What was in the past a clunky and inconsistent technology will now be opened up to thousands of developers, while AR content will become more readily available to millions of smartphone users. Without the need for extra hardware AR is hugely accessible and through Pokemon Go we've already seen how it can help capture peoples' imaginations. Exciting times ahead, both for consumers and content creators.

Jordan Brown, Junior Technology Programmer

I think there's big potential in technology that combines the best of AR and VR as different people want different levels of immersion in their experience. Either way, I expect enhanced-reality products to become something big in the coming years

Outside the entertainment world, there's potential in the ability of AR to educate. Overlaying virtual information onto real-world objects could help with all kinds of job training, from architecture to plumbing to heart surgery. 

Katie Bell - Junior Game Artist

AR doesn't take you out of the real world in the same way VR does so I think so it can lend itself well to social situations and shared experiences. A room escape game or a theme park ride could have extra layers of fun and intensity added by sticking some AR elements on top.

Remi Boullerne, Senior Programmer

I recently saw an ARKit demo of Minecraft and it was pretty cool, but for me the main issue with AR is having to hold up your phone or another device to see into the AR world. When we can get past that and truly augment reality, then I'll be seriously impressed!