Tag Raids - On the Hunt for Articuno

Tag Towers is home to its fair share of Pokemon fans, so its safe to say a few of us got a little bit excited with the recent announcement of the Pokemon Go Legendary Raid feature, which gives players the chance to grab some of the biggest, baddest Pokemon out there for a limited time. Due to the huge CP of these behemoths, it takes teamwork and a lot of dedicated hunters to bring them down.


A few such people are Tag's Head of Bizdev Nina Cliff, Associate Producer Steven Taarland and Junior Artist Katie Bell, all of whom made the treacherous journey to Malmaison Hotel in Dundee after hearing rumours a legendary Pokemon had been spotted outside. There, alongside 29 Pokefans and 31 smartphones, our trio attempted to capture an Articuno, an imposing avian Pokemon first introduced way back in Generation 1.

As bravely as they fought, in the end the Dundonian Articuno proved just that little bit too strong for our adventurers and made good its escape. However, with more raids to come in August, we're still confident we'll bag at least one Legendary Pokemon!

For more info on Pokemon Go's Legendary Raid feature click here.