Tag Helps Bring Prison Architect to Tablet

After months of hard work, we're delighted to finally reveal the all-new tablet version of Prison Architect, brought to you through our collaboration with Paradox Interactive and Introversion Software!

Introversion’s  deep and complex management sim was originally created back in 2015 and has since gone on to be a major indie hit on PC and console.

The game is well-loved by many members of the team here at Tag so we are incredibly proud to be involved in bringing it to iOS and Android. Our team did a fantastic job in creating an entirely new and intuitive UI for touchscreen interfaces, allowing players to take Prison Architect ‘on the run’ for the first time.

Tag CEO Paul Farley said of the reveal "It's a tremendous game! Both Paradox and Introversion have been ideal partners throughout and with Prison Architect we've again shown how to deliver deep core gaming experiences perfectly tuned to touchscreen platforms. We're excited to see Prison Architect reach a whole new audience over the coming months and are looking forward to bringing more core gaming titles to mobile and tablet in the near future."

Prison Architect is currently available on both Apple and Google Play stores in Australia, Sweden and The Netherlands. The game will launch worldwide later in May.

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