May News Round-up

Our new monthly look at some of the major stories popping up in the games press and beyond. 

Movie Magic

Talk of the Silver Screen has never been far away in this month. With a little help from our own Angry Birds Action!, Rovio's first cinematic foray with The Angry Birds Movie has so far proven a record-breaking success. Elsewhere, two decades after audiences were left baffled by the live-action movie take on Super Mario Bros., Nintendo announced plans to bring their characters back to the cinema in animated form. On a more surprising note, it was revealed that Fruit Ninja will soon be slicing watermelons at a multiplex near you and that a Tetris movie trilogy is currently in the works.


It's among the top brands in mobile and the home of some of the most successful F2P titles around, so it was surprising to read that Supercell may soon be on the market. Japanese mobile carrier Softbank is apparently considering selling off their 73% stake in the Finnish developer, after valuing the business at a tidy $5billion. If you don't have that kind of cash lying around behind the sofa fear not as Chinese mobile giants Tencent are rumoured to be front-runners in the race to buy the Finnish company.

Time Flies

Most of us working in games already know that it's an industry where things rarely stay the same for long, but it was great to see this extensive look at gaming's past decade or so covered in The Guardian. Keith Stuart gave us a fantastic recap of how the games business has developed and grown in recent years, covering the good, the bad and the disasterous.