June News Round-up

This month's big stories from the mobile games sector and beyond.

Generation X

E3 saw Microsoft roll out a statement of intent with their reveal of Project Scorpio, a superpowered Xbox One re-imagining due late 2017. The move suggests that the console business model may soon shift from the 5-6 year hardware cycles that have gone before, to smaller but more frequent upgrades like we see in mobile.

The announcement will soon be followed by a similar reveal from Sony, who have so far released only snippets of info about a PS4 upgrade in similar vein. Amidst all the fist-pumping claims of teraflops and "highest quality pixels", this new approach hasn't proven universally popular, with some commentators feeling console manufacturers are sending out mixed messages.


After a month of speculation, Tencent's takeover of Supercell has finally come to fruition. At $10.2 billion, the deal has gone through for almost twice as much as initial rumours and will boost an investment portfolio that already features Activision, Epic and Miniclip among others. As a nice additional touch the deal will see Me Foundation, a Supercell-backed charity, gain a windfall of around $225million.


Cracking the world's biggest mobile games market is about to get a lot more complex, as it was revealed that from July 1st, mobile titles will need government approval before release in China. Aimed at rooting out content deemed "undesirable", the changes mean that developers entering the Chinese market now have extra layers of red tape to contend with.  The potential ramifications of this decision will no doubt prove worrying for companies such as Kabam, whose flagship Contest of Champions has proven a huge success in China.


Lightning is yet to strike twice for the celebrity sim genre, as Britney Spears' first foray into mobile gaming was released to a lukewarm response. Publishers Glu Mobile will be disappointed that it hasn't emulated the runaway success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but as one of mobile's most solid developers we can't wait to see what they come up with next.