Tag Halloween 2016

It's become a bit of a tradition to push the boat out at Halloween in Tag Towers and 2016 proved no exception. Amongst others, we saw pirates, ghosts and a gruesome re-enactment of last week's stomach churning episode of The Walking Dead. Here's a few more highlights.....

Anti-heroes abound as Harley Quinn and Walter White get wired into the booze. Meanwhile, Borish Johnson gets down to making Britain "great" again and Granny shows us the results of a poor skincare regime.


Here we have Link and Edward ScissorHands getting into a little showdown, whilst our wonderfully bizarre seagull chews the fat with...um....a QA Tester dressed slightly smarter than normal.

It's not Halloween without an obligatory guy in one of those horse masks. Elsewhere, we made our own dignified protest at Valve's refusal to make Half-Life 3, went the extra mile with a Malificent get-up and ensured that we'll never be able to look at Sailor Moon the same way again!