Tag Games Donate Games for Children's Hospital

We're just back from Ninewells Hospital, where we teamed up with Get-Well Gamers UK o help raise funds for The Archie Foundation Tayside. As you can see we handed over loads of consoles and games which were donated by the staff at Tag Games and Get-Well Gamers.

Over the coming weeks, the donations will go to auction and the proceeds will help the charity build an additional operating theatre for children. To make this possible, the charity needs to raise 2 million pounds over the coming two years, so every donation counts!

Currently, only 50% of Tayside’s children are able to get an operation in Ninewells Hospital. The other 50% are relocated to Aberdeen or Glasgow. This appeal will tackle this problem, diluting the stress of the children and their families by minimizing travel and time spent away from home. The funds generated from the project will also go towards revamping the existing wards, as well as adding more up-to-date equipment and home comforts.