With 50 titles published and counting, we've crammed a lot into our ten-year history. Here are just a few of the games we've worked on. 

DOCTOR WHO: THE mazes of time


Harnessing a brand loved the world over, BBC Worldwide's first mobile release briefed Tag with creating an epic experience for Dr Who’s passionate, multi-generational fanbase.

Mixing adventure and puzzle elements, the game also prominently featured the series strongly-defined characters and incorporated the central play-off between good and evil. Tag worked closely with BBC Worldwide throughout production, testing different styles of play before agreeing on a final approach which remains the highest rated Dr Who game to date.



Taking inspiration from titles as diverse as Farmville, Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon, our first title for the free-to-play market set players the unique challenge of growing a successful theme park.

Conceived, developed and published by an internal team, the game was lauded for its high production values and unique art style, which combined the best of 2D and 3D rendering to create a chunky Playmobil-style aesthetic.


Our most successful original IP to date, Car Jack Streets first launched on J2ME feature phones back in 2008. The game brought an authentic Grand Theft Auto-style experience to mobile, creating a believable “living city” and delivering a fast-paced, thrilling mix of vehicle and on-foot gameplay.

Squeezed into the game’s 64k was a groundbreaking real-time structure, as well as  procedurally generated missions that rewarded players with an almost infinite amount of content. Later ported to iPhone, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP/PS3 platforms, Car Jack Streets topped app store charts the world over.



Astro Ranch mixed large doses of open world exploring with farm management - all set within a quirky 1950’s B-movie style outer space setting! This compelling blend of environment and gameplay styles was informed by classic titles such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

The title made a big impression on  mobile gamers for its appealing visuals, moreish gameplay and offbeat sense of humour. It also caught the attention of Apple, who chose it as a launch title for the original iPad.