Andy, Lead Programmer
Favourite game:

How did you get into games?

I studied Computer Game Technology at Abertay University. While there I competed in and won the Dare to be Digital competition run by Abertay and BAFTA. After I graduated in 2013, I worked at a few different small companies, each for a short period of time, and each ending for varying reasons out

What titles have you worked on at Tag?

I joined Tag Games right at the start of development on Angry Birds Action!. Since then I have worked on the tablet port of Prison Architect, and a few unreleased prototypes. All of this surmounted to a promotion to Lead Programmer in early 2018.

What is the best thing about working at Tag?

Getting to work on different projects, nothing gets stale.

What is your favourite thing about Dundee?

Its size and location. It fits nicely between the busier cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh, and the smaller towns like Motherwell and Hamilton in terms of size, but is still only an hour away from the major cities for a day/night out.

Any tips for budding programmers?

Just Do It! Experience is everything, and there is no better way to gain experience that to work on your own projects and problems. Take part in game jams and help out those in need on community forums, collaborative project work is invaluable.