Top of the Ops With Nonstop Knight!

Tag Games are delighted to announce that we've taken over the live operations of Nonstop Knight, the smash-hit mobile adventure from Flare Games and Kopla. We are currently busy working to make the successful RPG an even better ongoing experience for players as we design new features, run live events and use the findings of our analytics team to optimise the game's performance!

2017 - Year of the Rooster

With a new year comes a new Zodiac animal and much like the monkey of 2016, 2017's rooster is a species with a rich and storied history in games. Alongside their more feminine chicken counterparts, these little cluckers have been popping up for decades, sometimes in lead roles and sometimes as mere background dressing or cannon fodder. Here's some of our favourite fowl from over the years...

Just Giving For Team Rock

There was some sad news yesterday as Team Rock went into liquidation with the loss of around 70 jobs across the UK. A good number of those are based with the games team in Scotland, whom we know well. With only a few days to go until Christmas, staff have found out they will receive no pay this month which quite honestly sucks. Badly.