The Tag Take 0n...Nintendo Switch

After much speculation regarding the mysterious "NX", Nintendo finally revealed their upcoming console in a three-minute teaser video last week. Officially called Nintendo Switch, the latest hardware venture by the Kyoto company is set to be a console / handheld / tablet hybrid with detachable controllers. After the Wii U struggled to find a place in the market the success (or failure) of this  new console could prove a defining point in Nintendo's history. Here's what some of our greatest minds thought of the initial reveal...

TagJam 2016 - THE RESULTS!

The votes are in and after much deliberation the winner of TagJam 2016 is Terminal Station, designed, built and tested by How is Possible in just 24 hours!

A slightly murderous take on Guess Who, Terminal Station is a two-player co-operative game where one player goes inside the VR unit  to act as an assassin, whilst the other player acts as their accomplice in the real world.