Tag Raids Part 1 - On the Hunt for Articuno

Tag Towers is home to its fair share of Pokemon fans, so its safe to say a few of us got a little bit excited with the recent announcement of the Pokemon Go Legendary Raid feature, which gives players the chance to grab some of the biggest, baddest Pokemon out there for a limited time. Due to the huge CP of these behemoths, it takes teamwork and a lot of dedicated hunters to bring them down.

Meet Tag Games at Gamescom

With August fast approaching the eyes of the gaming world point towards Cologne and this year's edition of Gamescom. Europe's showpiece games event takes place this year on 22-26 August and is expected to welcome over 6000 industry representatives, plus a whopping 300,000 attendees over the course of five days. This year's Gamescom looks set to be a fantastic show with speakers from King Games, Activision Blizzard, Sega and many more taking to the conference floors.

Guest Blog - ChilliConnect on Amazon's GameSparks Purchase

It’s safe to say that online and social features are an integral part of most major game releases in 2017. Such features are almost a prerequisite in the upper reaches of the mobile chart and whilst solo-focused experiences still have a place on PC and console, always-connected, F2P-inspired design has found its way onto these platforms through long-term successes like Overwatch and Destiny. In the past it was often the case that developers had to invest serious time and money into building the tech to manage live games in-house, but in recent years we have seen unprecedented growth in developers offering full backend-as-a-service (BaaS) systems.