Match of the One Special Day

One Special Day is an event that brings games companies together to devote one day to raising money for Special Effect, the gamers' charity. This all goes towards helping people with disabilities to play and enjoy video games, so naturally it's a cause we're proud to be associated with at Tag.

To support One Special Day our Tag Team dusted off the old consoles and set about recreating this summer's Euro 2016 tournament using as many vintage football games as we could find. Competing not just against each other, but against the unreliable nature of the office Dreamcast and N64, many goals were scored, decisions contested and rivalries formed.

IP Crossovers That Need to Happen

A strong IP has always been something that can give a game serious leg-up in the market. Combining 2 major IPs can be even better, so we asked a few members of the Tag Team to imagine their dream IP crossovers. They came up with some fascinating (and occasionally bizarre) ideas for winning combos that need to happen.

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Lots at Steak - The Finest Culinary Games

The comedy aprons have been dug out from the cupboard and the cow parts have been ordered. Yes, it's almost that time of year when we join our Ninja Kiwi chums for our summer BBQ at Monikie Park! As we get set to put the heat to the meat, we've been thinking about just how under-represented the art of cooking has found itself in the world of video games. True, for some players an egg whisk might not capture the imagination quite like a rocket launcher, but over the years a few games have certainly given it their best shot.

Brexit - The Tag Games View

Now that Brexit has become a reality, there are bound to be both short term and long term knock-on effects for the UK Games Industry. As a studio that has benefited immensely from our European friends in terms of trading, hiring, funding and inspiration, there is a strong possibility Tag will suffer from the decision to leave the European Union.

Despite our immediate disappointment we must look beyond the current uncertainty and work towards a stronger UK Games Industry, protecting the support we have fought so hard to win and working together for our mutual benefit.