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Tag Games Wins Support From UK Games Fund


It’s been a fantastic start to February here at Tag Games, as we announce that we are among the first companies to win support from the UK Games Fund.


The Power of Partnerships


Since Tag Games opened in 2006, we’ve been lucky enough to be hired by a steady stream of publishers, broadcasters and IP owners looking to work with a reliable, talented studio. Back in those early days the work-for-hire model was very much the standard between developers and publishers and at Tag things were no different. Make game, ship game, get paid, handshake. All very simple.

It was a straightforward way of doing business, but not necessarily one that encouraged long-term client relationships. Once we realised the potential of the free-to-play (F2P) market however, the goalposts moved both in terms of the games we made and the way we worked with publishers.


Tag Games Heads to PG Connects


London comes calling for the Tag Games team on the 18th - 19th January as MD Paul Farley and Business Development Manager Nina Cliff will be heading to PocketGamer Connects in the capital.


10 Years of Tag Games

10 years logo

 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for us here at Tag. Not only do we have some seriously exciting projects we’ll be revealing in the coming months, but we'll be celebrating our 10th birthday!


2016 - Year of the Monkey

With the current year of the monkey now over a week old, the Tag team felt it was as good a time as any to celebrate some of the great simians to grace the gaming industry.  Have a peek below to find out some of our favourites and be sure to get in touch if you disagree.