Smartphone Scares - A Look at Mobile Horror

With the nights getting darker and Halloween fast approaching it's the ideal time of year to indulge in some ghoulish gaming treats.An ever-present on console since the 90s, the horror genre has now made inroads into mobile and there are some fantastically frightening titles now available on iOS and Android stores. So switch the lights off, turn the headphones up to full and give this lot a try...

Tag Games at Game Connection Europe

This week over 2000 games industry professionals have headed to Paris, as the French capital hosts Game Connection Europe 2016. The show is a major event in the European games calendar and a place where numerous deals are struck and partnerships formed. Speakers at this year's event include senior members of staff from mobile and console developers such as SCEE, Rovio, Sega and Kabam.

The Tag Take 0n...Nintendo Switch

After much speculation regarding the mysterious "NX", Nintendo finally revealed their upcoming console in a three-minute teaser video last week. Officially called Nintendo Switch, the latest hardware venture by the Kyoto company is set to be a console / handheld / tablet hybrid with detachable controllers. After the Wii U struggled to find a place in the market the success (or failure) of this  new console could prove a defining point in Nintendo's history. Here's what some of our greatest minds thought of the initial reveal...

TagJam 2016 - THE RESULTS!

The votes are in and after much deliberation the winner of TagJam 2016 is Terminal Station, designed, built and tested by How is Possible in just 24 hours!

A slightly murderous take on Guess Who, Terminal Station is a two-player co-operative game where one player goes inside the VR unit  to act as an assassin, whilst the other player acts as their accomplice in the real world.