Meet the team: Andy, Programmer

The Tag Games team is full of some truly wonderful and talented individuals. But what exactly do they do, how did they get into the industry, and what do they most enjoy about working for the company?
Our Meet the Team series takes a look at the people who make the magic happen.

First up, is Andy Maclean, Lead Programmer…

Andy Maclean, Lead Programmer

Andy Maclean, Lead Programmer

How did you get into games?

Originally I got into games as a player and enthusiast, and when it came to deciding which career path I wanted to take at the end of high school days, my love for games and computers was at the forefront on my mind.

I enrolled in the Computer Game Technology degree at Abertay University in 2009, and graduated in 2013 with Honours. Whilst there I participated in the Dare to be Digital competition where I went on to build my first fully featured game and win the BAFTA’s One to Watch award.

After I graduated I worked at a few different small companies, each for a short period of time, and each ending for varying reasons out of my control. Eventually I found my way to Tag in Feb 2015 as a gameplay programmer, and have been here since.

What titles have you worked on at Tag?

I joined Tag Games right at the start of development on Angry Birds Action!. Once that was released, I was part of the team that ported Prison Architect from PC to Tablet devices. I then worked on a few small prototypes that led on the full production of the Hotel Transylvania Adventures, and now I am currently leading a team help develop live features for CSR Racing 2 in partnership with NaturalMotion.

What is the best thing about working at Tag?

The best thing about working at Tag is the variety of projects that come in. Take the list of projects I have worked on, they have ranged from a 3D physics based game, to a technical port project of a midcore prison simulator, to a side scrolling platformer. All need a different approach in development, and all come with different problems to solve, keeping the day-to-day interesting.

Selfie at Glen Doll, Corrie Fee Nature Reserve

Selfie at Glen Doll, Corrie Fee Nature Reserve

What is your favourite thing about Dundee?

Its size and location. I like the that Dundee is still a busy city, but not on the same scale as Glasgow or Edinburgh. There is a lot to do in Dundee - it has a good music scene, and there is a lot of things going on around the city due to having two universities here, plus if you do want to travel to the larger cities, you are only a little over an hour to get to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, or Glasgow.

Any tips for budding programmers?

Just do it! Experience is everything, and there is no better way to gain experience that to work on your own projects and problems. Take part in game jams and help out those in need on community forums, collaborative project work is invaluable.

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