Work with us

If you haven't had the chance to work with Tag Games yet, or you could do with a refresh on what we do, read on for a few reminders of who we are and what makes us unique.


Masters in Mobile

With over 50 titles to our name, you can be assured that you’re in safe hands. From large scale F2P projects to porting an existing IP over from console or PC, we make it work on mobile. Our experience and our love for what we do means we can work with multiple genres - from casual arcade titles through to strategy games and RPGs.


Trusted PArtners

On our ten-year journey we’ve worked with numerous global publishers and brands, cementing our place as one of Europe's top development partners. We apply the latest mechanics and technology and always bring with us a unique angle. That’s why we’ve been entrusted with huge IPs such as Angry BirdsDoctor Who and Downton Abbey.


Free-to-Play Experts

We've been established in free-to-play since the beginning and our track record speaks for itself. We've delivered live games as a service for Rovio, Activision and 505 Games as well as our own IP. With a team of analysts, as well as our own proprietary server technology, we've invested in the people and process to make this business model work.

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