Our SErvices

Our services include full game development as well as building optimised mobile ports of console or PC titles. With a team of dedicated analysts and product managers, we can also manage the live ops phase of your game.


In over a decade of development we have brought a wide range of exceptional games to mobile platforms, including Rovio's Angry Birds Action! and Activision's Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor. Our experienced team can deliver anything from standalone premium games to multiplayer, server-based F2P titles. We have over 50 games in our portfolio and a client list that includes some of the most recognised publishers in the games industry. 


We can bring your console or PC game to mobile. With  experience of working in multiple genres, we deliver a perfectly tuned mobile version of your game, ensuring nothing is lost in the transition.

We worked with Introversion and Paradox Interactive to reimagine Prison Architect on tablet devices with a completely overhauled touchscreen UI and new payment model. With Ubisofts' Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, we complemented our mobile optimisations with a new multiplayer mode and IAPS.

LIVe Ops 

Our live ops service has helped titles such as Flaregames’ Nonstop Knight meet and exceed key KPIs. Whether your game is in soft launch, global launch or already well established, our team dig deep to understand its performance and deliver a fresh stream of features and updates, freeing you up to move onto your next project.

For more information on Tag Games’ capabilities, please get in touch.