LEt us Manage Your Live Operations

As well as full game development our team are experts in working with established products throughout the live operations phase in order to make them even more successful in the long-term. 

Strategic Planning

We work with you to define a product strategy that ensures we are working towards your business goals, whether the product is a wide-funnel casual game, a solid game in need of multiplayer or social features, or a title that requires scalable content for improved D30+ retention.

Our vast experience creating mobile games over the last decade ensures we meet the challenges of your project head on.

Detailed Analysis

Our product and analytics teams take a deep dive into your gameplay data to quickly develop an in-depth understanding of your game’s performance and the behaviour of your users.

We then work in close collaboration with your team to define the product roadmap. We form designs for improvements, MVP features and iterations of larger scope along with testable hypotheses to take your game forward and achieve essential KPIs.

Seamless Asset Handover

Our artists capture the feel of the existing game assets to align themselves with your project. At the same time, the code team work to familiarise themselves with the codebase and existing development and deployment processes.

Our teams are proven to be extremely versatile in working with a wide various of global IPs from existing game franchises to film, television and consumer goods brands.

Focused Updates

Our updates and optimisations connect seamlessly with your product strategy to maximise retention, revenue and ROI in your game.

Whether it’s the introduction of new items, pricing strategies or UI elements, we ensure all are geared towards achieving a measurable boost in product performance.

Feature DEvelopment

Our game designers and live-ops specialists have the capability to build and implement large scale features such as asynchronous multiplayer, clans/guilds and new event frameworks.  

These showcase features create a step-change in KPIs and attract storefront attention to ease pressure on UA. We have the processes and expertise to effectively support existing games and their audiences whilst maintaining a vision for the long term life of the product.

Engaging Live Events

Running live events is an essential part of staying relevant and ultimately supporting player retention, engagement and monetisation.

Our extensive set of design tools ensure we can find the optimal functionality for the events in your product, keeping players engaged long-term.